Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bro Problem #1: Bros Leaving Bros

Today a bro informed me of his unfortunate situation.  While studying at the library with a fellow pledge to ATO, he fell asleep.  His supposed bro ended up leaving him there, at a study table, sleeping (and probably drooling) on the desk.  He stormed in the dorm and announced that he was "fucking pissed."  Poor poor broseph, whatcha gonna do?

About an hour later he declared down the hall to a different bro "Tell [bro #1] that he can go fuck himself. Fuck him. Tell him I hate him." In response, the bro he was talking to said "Bro, do you mean [name of bro who actually left him there, not the other bro who he mixed names with]?"

"....Yeah, that's what I meant. Fuck him!"

Life as a bro is not easy.  This has been Bro Problem #1.

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