Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bro Problem #2: Bitch spilled a beer on my mixboard...AND I didn't get it in.

Today a bro told me about his unfortunate weekend.  Being a pledge sucks, apparently.  But this bro, being a DJ, gets to do music at his frat's parties, and therefore rarely has to deal with the normal pledge duties once the party has started and the music is pumping.

Now the first half of this problem is a serious issue: the spillage of beers during frat parties.  Especially when it is on your $1200 mixboard you are trying to DJ with.  In this case, some "stupid bittie" knocked over her red Solo cup, spilling all the beer onto the mixboard.  Not only did the music cease until a laptop was plugged, but the mixboard ended up being fried because of this.  As I said previously, this actually sucks.  What makes this a bro problem is what this bro said next:

"And on top of that, I didn't even get it in this weekend, man.  It fucking sucks."

What shocked me was that the brevity of this statement FAR exceeded that of the previous paragraph explaining how a $1200 piece of electronic equipment had been more or less turned into a worthless pile of scrap metal.  It was as if having sex would have made his $1200 loss of the weekend ok and bearable.  The bro was not at all pleased about losing his mixboard, but was even more miffed that he wasn't pleased by a bittie or two over the weekend's activities.

Life as a bro is not easy.  This has been Bro Problem #2.

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